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Tronsmart MXIII Quad Core Amlogic S802 Android 4.4 TV Box HD 1GB RAM 8GB ROM

The Tronsmart MXIII Quad Core is a wonderful product to own, if your interested in streaming and playing games online or even connecting a DVD/Blueray player to the device and watching movies, than this is the device to get! It's not only very easy to hook up, everything is included, but you have a small sleek deice that can fit on the side or under your television. It's like a brain that will change your TV from regular to smart, instantly!

You don't have to worry about downloading or inserting anything except the cords from the Tronsmart Quad Core TV Box into your television and power supply. Next, turn the TV on and change input and now your ready to begin using the box. I actually find it as simple as when applying any game system to the television. 

Favorite Features of the Tronsmart MXIII Quad Core TV Box:

  • Streaming and Game Play - Since this is an Android TV Box, I can easily play games from Google Playstore and access Netflix or even other apps like Comcast Xfinity through the box and watch movies all day if I'd like. 
  • Clear Screen and Sound - The videos and games played through the box, connected onto the TV come out as clear as they would if you were watching them on your computer or from a movie theater. You don't get any blurred or strange images and sounds that come through the TV when using this box.
  • Size and Design - It's very small with multiple ports for additional content you could add to connect onto the box. Many times I find using the USB Ports to connect a controller, Mouse or keyboard mini is useful and other times I just use the remote control that comes with the box. You can also store files onto the device and view them through the files or play videos you have downloaded. Since there is a perfect mini SD slot for that purpose. However, the device already has 8GBs so if you need more you can always add more. 
  • Updates - I know this is one thing I always get frustrated when using my smart box, is that it doesn't update and I have to click or choose which to update the next time I use it. However, the best thing about the Tronsmart, which makes it different than the rest I've tried is that it updates automatically while choosing the wireless update. SO instead of taking time to update all the time, I can just go enjoy the content I want and not pause to do some updating. Even my mom's TV I bought her for her birthday (Smart TV) needs like to update all the time and it gets a bit annoying when you need to stop to do so and not just have it going automatically, saving you time. Maybe it's just me, but I like this perk!
  • Google Android - Game store and mail and many more can be easily accessed with the Android Smart Box as well as my account that holds my game purchases, videos and music. Now I can enjoy it all on the big screen instead of my smart phone.
  • Entertainment and Fun - This is the major reason, it's fun and entertaining! I don't have to sit home bored with the same TV shows or games, I can just search and stream on my TV Box and find something new to play or watch everyday, also catch up on yesterday nights missed shows.

Finally, this is very affordable and easy to use. I am enjoying this box everyday since I got it and yet to see any problems. 

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