Saturday, April 11 - Dazzling Rings for your Toes!

Everyone knows that your fingers get all the glamour and are seen often through out the year. However, spring and summer come along and your feet are in those adorable flip flops or sandals and even sometimes bare. So why not add a little dazzle and style to your feet, other than your toes!

The company known as is producing the most magnificent ring designs for your feet! In so many shapes, styles and using real gold, silver, diamonds and so much more! You will not find cheap, or fashion jewelry here. Instead, your going to be viewing some high quality toe rings and even anklets for everyday wear or as a perfect gift for another.

I have below a few that caught my eye and what they really mean to me.

The first one is the Basket Weave Sterling, which actually reminded me of my mom. She wears a weaved designed thumb ring and it always caught my attention. 

I just really wanted something like it and when I seen it on, I knew I had to get it! The style is fabulous as well as the fit. The shine of this sterling silver toe ring really stands out and the polished metal just shines with every angle I move my foot and the sun or inside light hits it. I really am in love with the design and now I have something that reminds me of my mom and her love for that weaved thumb ring, she never takes off!

The Second toe ring is the 
XOXO Love Band Sterling. This one actually really was something that reminded me of my added XOXO I leave to my family members and friends.

I find that it represents me and the letters the make everyone know that I care. I love how the sterling silver allows this ring to shine on each letter, making it very noticeable and gorgeous!

Now for the last one, which is the 
Yoga Spiral Sterling. I found this to be a very interesting ring and it made me think about how I like to be unique and stand out from everyone. Also, because I never seen a toe ring other than the simple bands. I like how this toe ring is like a slinky where it goes around and around, with perfect smooth slim lines. No flaws what so ever! I love it in the sterling silver and even more that it fits my toe and adds that extra something to my foot.This is just one of those rings that if I see it, I just gotta have it!

Finally all I can say is that this really makes me happy to see my feet dazzle, from once I wake till I go back to bed. Since, summer is coming and I plan to go bare foot more often. However, my toe nails won't be the only thing looking fabulous this year!

Thank you you make some awesome designs and I love them all!

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