Thursday, April 16

Sidande Mic-01 Digital Video Dv Camera Professional Studio/stereo Shotgun Recording Microphone

The Sidande Mic is a really nice designed microphone for catching every single noise around you. I love that it is a long shotgun shaped design because it doesn't weigh heavy on my camera and is easier to balance.

Here is a few reason why I love this device:
  • Size and Shape - The size is perfect for capturing all the sounds around you and in front of you or behind. The Shotgun shape doesn't cause your camera to feel like the microphone adds extra weight to your hands while your trying to hold up your camera without a tripod.
  • Fits 3.5mm Socket - This actually fits multiple sockets and can be used for a variety of Digital SLR Cameras and a few Camcorders. I love that this is actually easy to install just by setting up the battery, plugging in and than turning it on.
  • Mounting - There is a simple twist on mounting hole and square bottom allowing you to slide it on top of your camera in place, which keeps it from falling off or sliding around while recording. However, if your using a version that doesn't have a mount, you can either hold it or if using a tripod maybe mount it on to that as well.
  • Sound - The sound is picked up perfectly and as clear as it was when you were recording

Actually, for a first time ever microphone, which I am going to get a newer Dslr Camera soon and can't wait to use this with it! I really think that it's a well made and designed product and so much better with this to record verse without one. My videos play with a better amount of sound captured, than it ever did without a microphone attached!
I am so pleased by this design and product by Sidande. I am going to enjoy this during the summer a lot more while out in the woods camping/hiking with the family!

Great product!

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