Thursday, April 16

Scare Flair -Wildfire Black Plated Stainless Steel Band

The Wildfire Black Sand Blasted Stainless Steel Band comes from the store known as Scare Flair. It's full of interesting and fun Gothic jewelry and accessories, for men and women. The style of this ring is just beautiful and perfect for anyone's hand even if your not in the Gothic style. However, any way you wear this ring it works, from simple black clothing, white or pretty much any outfit. I love the fit as it perfectly snugs to my finger, with the right amount of looseness to remove and slip back on.

There are so many fun things you can buy at this store and they have a variety from Witch, Wicca, Pagan, Vampire, and so many other designs. You are not going to be sorry, they have so many nice fashion and real pieces that won't only look great, but even better when worn! 
You will find so many different items in their store and even pieces you can collect, like swords and props that reflect shows such as the Walking Dead and so many others!

Right now I can tell you, I adore this Black Plated Stainless Steel Band and not owning a black ring myself, this is just a beautiful piece I can find myself wearing everyday easily!
From the hearts, to the skulls your really going to enjoy the Scare Flair. I know I am!

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Black Stand Blasted Stainless Steel Band

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