Thursday, April 9

Rolling With It 36 inch Premium EVA Foam Roller

The Rolling With It Roller is like the softest but tough roller you could get and it won't lose it's shape! I love the feel on my back, from lower to upper it just feels great! I can easily stretch out on this roller and even if I'm not a competitor in any sport and just normally love to stay active and in shape, this really helps. My entire body really can use it, legs to back to neck it's just perfect!

However, the only thing I really want to point out is that the size is super super long, and has a good 6 inch width. Most are very small and are ok for a few but the extra length gives you more room to get your entire back. So when I can get every part of my body that normal stretches don't reach and get relief fast than I'm a happy camper! This Roller does that for me and I am so filled with joy every time I use it. Let's say that my aches and pains are no more and my smile has never been so much brighter than it has been now.

I am really loving this product, and glad I waited to get a longer and well made Foam Roller by Rolling With It( love the name too)!

Awesome product, that just feels so good on my body!

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