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Retinol Serum 2.5% - by Amara Organics

I love that Retinol is great for fine lines, especially around the lips and eyes. However, some products don't ever seem to give you a good amount for faster improvement or just fill the bottle with other chemicals or product that causes the Retinol to be even less.
Even though, the serum from Amara Organics is mixed with Hylauronic Acid and Jojoba Oil (both really good skin products), plus some other healthy ingredients( all natural not chemical based) there is still a decent amount of Retinol in the bottle. I guess I always wonder if there is a limit to how much you can get in a bottle, but at 2.5% that isn't a bad amount at all!
Especially, if I'm going to see stunning results!

So after a few days in use, the Retinol Serum seem to have smooth fixed my acne scar problem I've had around the chin area and lips. There was also more of a hydrated appearance around my lips and eyes, giving them a smoother and healthier appearance. I think that is what sold me, is how well the results were in a few days, verse a month or two. I also was pleasantly surprised to have no irritation, a strange burning feeling or redness. Something I never want to have with a product.  

The bottle really is easy for allowing a perfect amount, since you only need a small amount to get the results. However, I tend to apply it twice a day, morning and night before I add on some lotion. The Retinol Serum does absorb quickly so I'm not waiting over an hour to see the ingredients vanish from my face into my skin. At least, I can tell you that the product hits the skin cells that need repairing under the skin, so your getting longer lasting results every time you apply verse instant results that fade over time.

I think finally, this is an excellent product. Very well bottled up and useful for a healthy and youthful skin appearance!

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