Wednesday, April 15, 2015

RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head, Quick Release Plate and Carrying Bag

The RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod is a beautiful tripod, strong and can reach some height!
It's small, but packs a big benefit for my hobbies, everyday use and much more.

Bag is Included and easy to store as well as travel with the Tripod
Here is a few reasons I love the Reticom Tripod:
  • Size- Perfect size to store and take professional shots and recordings any time of the day, even bird watch with a telescope that can mount. I find this to fit my needs and doesn't weigh or is to huge to travel and store.
  • Color and Design - Very well built structure, strong legs to with stand my cameras, camcorders, tablets and mobile devices.  The ability to extend from the 10 inches to the 19 inches is excellent and doesn't cause any unsteady appearance with a device on top.  The feet are rubber and stay grounded n a flat surface, like a table top or floor.
  • the color black is very sleek and perfect for anyone to enjoy. The ability to move the head around is wonderful. Giving you all different views while still stationed in the same area. 
  • Portability - Not only is it easy to travel with, but stores perfectly for homes that don't have much space, like me! You can take it down to it's 10 inch size and allow it to store folded together under any bed, in a closet, or in special room or storage bin you have your other gear in.
  • Durability- This isn't a weak or wimpy tripod, which there are many sold cheap and are cheap! However, the tripod actually has this nice thick build for legs and a strong top for your device to mount and stay put, without wobbling, shaking or leaning to the side because of it's weight. Remember though 6 lbs is a limit to the device you place on top, which I don't have anything that heavy and not many newer devices are over or near that amount in weight.
Mount can use with Cameras, add attachment for a Smartphone, Scopes and even Camcorders.
Unlock each leg to extend

10 inch tripod is now 19 inches!
Therefore, my final opinion is that this is a truly wonderful product, works for me everyday while shooting shots of nature, birds, and the lake at the Forge or just recording some video footage. Nothing I had ever owned for a tripod could compare to the sturdy and strength of the RetiCam, so I am very pleased with this product and loving every day I have it to use!

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