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Optimal Shop WIFI Sports Action Digital Video Camera

The Optimal Shop WiFi Sports Camera is very well made and includes the water proof case with a few attachments. It is a nice starter kit for anyone who wants to go for a real camera for action shots and save a lot by purchasing the Optimal Shop brand. It really is like a GoPro with all the menu options, the WiFi ability and the extra gear included! However, your not paying for a name, but a high quality product, which isn't pricey at all!

My reasons why I love this outstanding Optimal Shop WiFi Sports Camera:
  • Action Shots - These are the main reason, why I love this camera. I can place it on the body mount, which I also have and do videos of all types of action shots even strap it on my dog and have her video record everything she does out doors, while we walk in the woods or in the yard. Plus, so many more, from water to land you can go crazy and have the showing of stillness from the camera, while the shot is in perfect movement. Also, image is high quality no blurred shots, shaky recordings and perfect sound.
  • Price - Very reasonable price set, for under 70 dollars your getting a reliable, well designed gadget. This does not only work like an a GoPro, but it allows you to spend your cash on more than just the camera.
  • Waterproof Case - It has the case included and that keeps it from water damage as well as dirt and anything that may come in contact to the camera. It also mounts on to your helmet, dashboard and so on with the case on. You can even push the buttons with the case, so don't worry about having to take it off to use it.
  • Color, Size, and Design - simple color, which works for anyone. The shape is like a small square that evenly sits on any flat surface and has a nice raised nub like feeling around it causing no slipping in hands or where it's placed. You also have no worries of finger prints showing up once held or touched.
  • Menu Options - You can choose the option according to your stunt or what you require. As well as option to delete, store and actually with the WiFi you can connect it with your smart phone and power the camera with the Phone by downloading the app.
  • Easy Controls - Simple buttons to press, not much but 3 main, which make it easier and less confusing or complicated to work with. 
  • Wide Angle Lens - 170 degree lens that allows you to view the entire scene your shooting perfectly. 
  • HDMI and Memory - The HDMI cable slot is there for viewing right from the camera to a monitor and the Memory card, mini SD can be as much as 32 GB. The 32 is a great amount of memory to capture an entire action movie, ha ha. Honestly you can purchase them very cheap online and have a longer time shooting of one or many shots in a day verse stopping and taking out either another card or having to wait to finish your recording.
  • Extra Gear - This can either be bought, but also this camera comes with it so your going to be set right when you get the camera, just add the memory card and go have fun!

Finally, I really have to say that for an inexpensive camera, it feels more like the overly priced ones! Very nice and very affordable!

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