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Nintendo USB Game Controller -- 8 Bit Classic by GeekeryZone

The USB NES( Nintendo Entertainment System) Game Controller Is like the best invention for playing your classic Nintendo games on the computer or better yet the Smart Box.

Most of the time I like to take this out and attach it to the USB Port on my Smart TV Box and start up an emulator the the classic Nintendo System. I've downloaded so many games and now can configure the controller to play just the way the original game system and controller would work. It's very simple to configure also, you just go into the control setting of your emulator and choose which button does what. 

Afterwards, your now ready to get your game on!  I am such a lover of the classic Nintendo games, as when I was young probably 4 years old I was playing Nintendo and never stopped! 
As always, Mario still is my favorite and I really can't give up the Sega love for Sonic The Hedgehog, but Nintendo is still a top fave!

You really will love the look of this controller, as it is the exact replica of the original controller, except with a USB cord.  Also, it's pretty much instant, plug and play. Once, you plug the controller into your PC or MAC your ready to use it, but you will need to configure the controller with the right keys on the emulator if that is what your using.
Finally, you really don't need to have the system at home anymore, since you can just take out your computer or smart TV Box and this controller. You'll be playing all the fun Nintendo games, without all the storing or blowing into the system.

I really enjoyed this product and every use reminds me of the fun days of playing Nintendo with my twin sister.

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