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MCOCEAN Accessories-Set 7 in 1 - Case for Gopro Camera and Accessories

The MCOCEAN Accessories-Set 7 in 1 is a perfect pack of attachments to mount your Gopro Hero from 1-4 on to your car, helmet, body, and many more! I think the main things that I love is that it includes a monopod and comes with a nice soft case with handle. However, there are many more things I love and most being that you get so many additional accessories that fit pretty much any place you want to mount the camera.

Here is a few reasons this case is my favorite choice:
  • Gear - you have the mounts for the bike, helmet, body( one I so wanted for a long time!), the arm and so many more! Plus, the soft case, with the perfect shaped spaces for the Gopro Camera. 
  • Durable - The entire set is made to last, it's not going to fall apart. I can tell this by the thickness of the attachments and how well put together the straps and additional gear are made. Nothing had a flaw or loose/weak edge or peice in the entire set.
  • Protection - A big one for me, because I want my Gopro to last and I'm not shelling out hundreds to get a new one. So to have a protective case is so much better than affording more cameras down the line!
  • Attachments/Mounts - simple to adjust and add on to my Gopro Camera. Nothing was difficult or hard to understand how to use.

So really this is a perfect set! I could use each of these daily in some way, and so glad I have it cause that is exactly what I'm doing! I tend to use the monopod a lot and the body strap is my second favorite, but the entire set is just perfect! So glad to have had a chance to try it out.

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