Monday, April 27

Magnimax - Portable iPhone, LED Handheld, and Gold Pendant Magnifying Lenses

Below are 3 terrific magnifiers by Magnimax!

The shape is a perfect rectangle as an iPhone and around the center you have 4 LED lights that help you view, what item your magnifying in the dark or a shaded area. The 4x Bifocal Lens is actually a perfect size for me, sometimes I get a bit dizzy or sick from vertigo to look at an image way too magnified, but I don't feel that way with this one. 

I can find many uses for an illuminated and small, but perfectly sized product. Some of these would be:
  • Reading in the middle of the night - I tend to wake up a few hours after sleeping, to find myself reading things in the dark. So, now I don't need to worry about seeing small words or having no light. The lens keeps the words at a perfect size, such as having a novel in small print turned to a book that you would get your child. It results in less straining of your eyes.
  • Medicine Container - Really not me, but my mom who has a problem reading the information on here medicine bottles.
  • Food/Pantry Items - It's not really simple to see dates and sometimes a bit impossible how they place them on a jar, can or box. However, viewing them in 4x (like a camera zooming in on the writing) magnifying capability, thanks to the iPhone Magnimax, I can now read the date from beginning to end without squinting!

So really I can go on, but honestly this LED iPhone Magnifier really does come in handy when you need a better way to see things that aren't normally easy to read.

Excellent product, plus it's very well made and fits the hands perfectly.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

The lens of the Ultra Bright Handheld Magnifier is 4x magnifying and that is one size I can find to be OK for viewing really a good deal of any words or numbers off of different products, electronics and books. The product is very light weight, doesn't cause your hand to feel tired after holding a position too long. Plus, the 4 LED lights make it easier to see through out the night, or if your in a dark and shaded area.

Few reasons I love this Ultra Bright Handheld Magnifier with the built in LED Lights:
  • Size - Not a huge product, just the right size for your hands to hold on too and doesn't cause your arm to fall asleep while reading or viewing something that may take longer than a minute.
  • LED Lights - These lights really make it easier to see words and numbers, than without any light at all. However, even without your getting a really good product!
  • Position Of The Magnifier - It's not placed in some strange area, but like a round one the magnifier is right on the top. This gives you a nice handle to hold, and a perfect size window to view images, words and numbers through.
  • Black Pouch - You get a nice travel pouch or storing pouch with the order. I love this as it protects the magnifier and makes it easier to travel with.

Very much I like this product, there was no flaws or damage to the lens and the illumination worked perfectly every time I've used it so far.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

I actually adore the shape of this necklace Magnifier by Magnimax. It's an actual pendant, piece of jewelry that is shaped like a boat's steering wheel. I love how it really is shaped perfectly like a wheel, has the long gold chain and color with beautiful gems around it.

The best part of the Magnifying Glass Necklace Pendant are:
  • 26" Chain - I love long jewelry on my outfits and the cord is long enough to fit anyone's neck, tuck away's easily in your clothing and also can be worn as it should like jewelry, with the extra benefit of magnifying when needed!
  • Color and Design - I love the color gold on this Steering Wheel design. It adds glamour and the gems that surround the middle, add a bit more dazzle. It is very well crafted, smooth and doesn't look cheap.
  • Size - The magnifier isn't huge or anywhere near heavy to wear or hold. It's actually the perfect 2" round size can magnify a few long words in one viewing at a 4x magnify. 
  • Bag - If not in use the red and fashionable bag the pendant comes with, is a perfect place to store the magnifier and keep it protected.
  • Many Uses - I can easily view multiple items with this magnifier, indoors or out.

Finally, this is a beautiful piece and very fashionable as well as helpful. Almost like my new magnifying buddy that can go with me anywhere, while around my neck.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below: