Thursday, April 16, 2015

Magicfly Waterproof 7-in-1 Face & Body & Foot Care Electric Cleaning System

The Magicfly Waterproof 7 in 1 Body Care System is perfect for your entire body, not just the face as many only work for. This is like one of those buy this for your entire body and you don't have to afford anything else. I mean I really think for the same price or even more, you could buy just the face brush and end up paying something more to get a foot care set.

Here is why I love the Magicfly Waterproof 7 in 1 Face, Body, and Foot Care System:
  • Portable - You can use this in the shower and take it any place you like because there is no wires or heavy weight to the device. Plus, you can travel with it!
  • The Attachments - You have a choice between the soft polishing and small regular brush to scrub out the gross stuff in the pores and makeup. It will also reveal the beautiful skin, after cleaning away that dead skin. You also than can use the polishing, soft cotton brush attachment to apply lotion or serum to your skin, allowing it to absorb in evenly throughout the clean, healthy and new skin. Also, you have the larger brush which does a wonderful job scrubbing off dead skin on the body as well as from in the pores. So your getting a total clean through out! Now last is the foot attachments, which get rid of the dead layers, calluses and soften your feet, which my favorite thing to do afterwards is to apply a thick lotion or Vaseline with a pair of socks.
  • Simple To Use - Just pop in the 4 double A batteries and press the button, nothing more to it. 

So really this is a terrific product! Better deal than many on the market, with multiple attachments for a clean and healthy body! I love the feel of the product, doesn't cause my skin to get irritated and it just makes my skin glow every time I use it!

Terrific Set!
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