Thursday, April 9

LUCLUC Leopard Printed Cut Out Plunge Playsuits and Lovely Butterfly Hair Accessories

LUCLUC has so many beautiful things to offer and today I have two of their gorgeous products in my home. A little bit to why I love the idea of these items, is because one they show my love for cats, and another because my hair just loves unique and interesting designs. 

I love the Leopard Printed Playsuit as it isn't what I expected! The outfit itself fits me perfectly and the way it's cutout makes it so much more interesting. The comfort is nice, and even though tt may look like it was going to be a halter top, it really isn't.

The cutouts give you that illusion, but it also gives you a bit more style than your typical top and bottom playsuit. I always think of it in this patter as Jane of the jungle, which I do adore!

I feel wild, when wearing this playsuit. It's a favorite of mine and is so fun to toss on any day of the week!

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The Lovely Butterfly Hair Accessories really do a beautiful job giving my hair flight! I love the gold, as it reflects the light at every angle and very eye catching. The size is perfect and does a wonderful job adding a special something to my look, no matter if it's casual or a special occasion!

Excellent product, with beautiful results!

If your interested to find out where you can get this item, please follow the link below:
LUCLUC Lovely Butterfly Hair Accessories

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