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LKE- 9W and 35W Gel Polish Nail Drying LED Lamps

Below I have two new wonderful Gel Nail LED Lamps that will dry the polish quicker and safer than a UV light.

This is a cute Dome style lamp, which has a nice 9W LED Light inside. Once, turned on you'll notice it's super bright and you can actually feel the product drying the nail polish as your fingers begin to tingle from the heat. I really love how strong for a small LED Lamp this is. It does a great job with any polish, Gel and doesn't take long at all!

Reasons I love the LED Light Lamp 9W:

  • Portable- can go with you, everything is included and just take it along! I don't have to go get my nails done or do them and hope they last for a month on vacation. Instead, I can travel and do my nails instantly with this small 9W LED Lamp. It's tiny and still the Watts for drying is good enough to give me a quick and fast drying anyplace.
  • Design and Color- Choice of color is awesome for those who want to get for their selves or as a gift. It's just a perfect indoor or on the road dome shaped LED Lamp. The design makes it easy to fit your fingers underneath and the cord doesn't get in any way. You actually can turn it either way with the cord facing left or right and still not have a problem with using it. So no matter where your sitting the LED Lamp is usable. 
  • Timer- I love that it goes on and off instantly, so your not keeping your hand under too long or wasting the light. It actually will shut off after 60seconds, which is good for Gel Polish. It would say, like on my jars just 60seconds for LED and 3minutes for UV. No wonder I like the fast LED Light!
  • Safer - LED is a light compared to UV which tans your skin and could cause damage. I'm not a big fan of all the bad things UV can do your skin. So LED is something I would always recommend first before suggesting UV Lamps to anyone.

Finally, for design and easy to use, I really enjoy the mini dome style LED Nail Lamp. Very helpful for drying all types of polish and still supplies a great amount of Watts.

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This is an excellent LED UV Lamp! It's the first I've ever seen in a shape that is squared off and not a rounded edge, but it also has a lovely detailed floral design on top. You can of course choose a color, which allows you to have a professional LED Gel Lamp to match your liking. The 35W is really good for a fast dry and I'm liking the faster effect it has with my nails, plus the room to fit my entire hand into the dryer. Some dryers only allow you to fit a few fingers inside to get the dried, causing it to take longer. However, this one has enough space for an entire hand and the thumb. Also, the LED is more concentrated inside the dryer without escaping, which I think makes it heat the Gel faster as well. 

Best features of the LKE 35W Professional LED UV Lamp Nail Dryer:
  • Size - Not to huge, but perfect for getting the entire hand and drying quickly! You can still take this and store it, you may even still be able to travel with this as well. I don't see a problem doing so, it's not like a huge heater or something that weighs 5lbs - 10lbs or more.
  • Design and Color - Very fashionable with color and lovely designed. So cheerful and pleasent to look at, while drying your nails. The style of the dryer box is squared on the outer part, but the concaved center is perfect to keeping the LED aiming on to all your fingers and drying each perfectly. 
  • 35W - Good Professional amount of Wattage to dry your fingers fully and keep you from having to take forever trying to dry a single finger perfectly under the light. So less time, faster results -> more time in the day for yourself!
  • Professional or Home Use - Can be for home or a business, works both ways! It's strong to dry like your salon would, but instead you can do it at home and save money and time it takes you to get them done. I always love doing my own nails, so if I can get them done as much as I like and when I want, than I'm a happy person. Plus, if I don't have to worry about using UV lights from my salon, when LED is so much safer!
  • Safe Light - No tanning or bad UV rays getting into your skin, your now able to dry faster( in seconds) and not worry about the problems UV lights could cause.
Top Control Buttons

Power on and off button
Cord connects into the back
Finally, this is a terrific light and I am so happy to have found the LKE Company as they have so many beautiful products for Professional and Home use. I love their detailed designs and the beautiful choices you can choose. Plus, the major thing that I LOVE is that they all work! 

Perfect Dry and Shiny Gel Polished Nails Every Time!

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