Tuesday, April 14

LK Bundle of 10pcs Rainbow Colors Capacitive Stylus/Styli

The rainbow is in every bundle of the LK 10pcs Captive Sylus/Styli purchase! I love the metallic shine and bold colors tat you get, plus bonus screen cloth. You could actually share, or if your like me and like to play with a different color everyday, depending on how your feeling what color your wearing that day or just because your one to misplace a stylus around the house.

My favorite color, well is all! They are so very shiny and well made that each is very stunning, that I really wouldn't be able to choose one. Therefore, I am so glad you get all ten colors of gold,silver,green,blue,dark blue, purple, pink, red, white and black.

So for a comfortable to hold and a nice size length to use on tablets, phones, and game systems, this is really a nice set and less than a dollar a piece!

Excellent set, where each are identically shaped and well made as the other!
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