Thursday, April 16

LederTEK Solar Lights and Mood Light Projector

Below are some beautiful and colorful lights by LederTEK, a company that focuses on all types of lights.

The blossoms are a beautiful set and you have a total of 50. I love the colors that go throughout the flower and much more that it comes with multiple colors, not just one! I love the shape as they really do appear like flower blossoms and how beautiful each is under the night's sky.  

Of course it needs enough light during the day, but with solar lights you save so much and get to adore the beauty of each light without affording to keep them on by electricity. I actually plan to hand these to my mom, shes a huge fan of lights and solar lights!
The garden she attends too, is usually where she'll put the lights up or on the porch. I think this would be a lovely treat for mothers day or any day of the year! It's just so precious and beautiful, I really love the set!

Video Demonstration:

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The Dragonfly Lights are so awesome! I only seen ones that need electricity and just go on with a regular warm light. However, these are solar and the sun is all you need to juice them up!
I love the details of each dragonfly as they are perfect without flaw and the shape is easy to tell from a far. 

The size is about your palm and that goes for each piece in length. The body is the man location of each light but how the body is entirely clear the light actually goes throughout the dragonfly and appears as if it is all lit up. I think for a garden, porch, gazebo or pretty much any place outdoors, this would look lovely! 

Video Demonstration:

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The LED Living Color Mood Light is an awesome projector, giving the room a fun and bright flow of color. I love that it's not just red, blue, green and yellow, but you also get pinks, purples, oranges, and many more! I can turn any room into a party room, thanks to this Mood Light.

I was even thinking of using it for a party coming up, it would be a wonderful addition and everyone will truly love the colors! 

For a way to save cash on replacing light bulbs as well as the environment less trash, not worry about electricity cost and enjoying the fun rechargeable LED Mood Light day after day, than this is a product anyone would love!

It's inexpensive, small and gives the room a large blast of color! It really makes me feel relaxed and mesmerized by the projection as I watch it change from color to color. All I have to do is remember to charge in my USB Port and It's all ready to go!

Excellent party/mood light!

Video Demonstration:

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