Thursday, April 9

King Will 8mm White Tungsten Carbide Ring Matte Polished Finish Beveled Edge

The King Will 8MM White Beveled Edge Tungsten Carbide Ring is a beautiful ring and I really enjoy the sleek smooth style, from edge to edge. It looks like it is caving inwards towards your finger and though it fits perfectly! I can easily wear the 7 inch men's ring all day, However, it never felt like a men's ring because to me it can be worn by women as well. The design is so simple that it really is a stunning piece of jewelry. Having a Tungsten metal piece, will last for a long time and I am thankful for that! Not only is this more just for looks, but I won't end up scratching it or breaking it anytime soon! 

The style and design is so very beautiful, I can be seen wearing this every single day and night. The band is also perfect for special occasions and even just for everyday use, as I find it to be just some dazzle my hand was craving to wear.

Excellent piece of jewelry, very well made and designed!

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