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King Will - 8mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Rings

Two gorgeous rings for a wedding, engagement ring or even a promise ring. No matter the occasion they are always a beautiful fashion piece to wear any time of day!

The King Will 8mm Tungsten Ring Matte Brushed Center Grooved Beveled Polished Edge is not only a beautiful detailed ring, but super reflective! The ring here is very well polished and the Beveled edges are easily shining from side to side. It also allows that matte finish center to stand out even more.

I first love the center as it's brushed look helps avoid any sign of scratching and damage. So if by any means your Tungsten gets scratched the center won't reflect it at all, it would just blend into the design. The second reason I love the ring is that even though it's meant for a man, you really can wear it as a woman as well. Since, I love silver and don't find this to be a perfect size ring for my fingers and gives me a dazzle I truly desire.

Of course, the reason for this is to give to another as a wedding ring, promise ring or any special occasion, but for me it's just as good to get for yourself and enjoy it as any precious stone! At the price and the charm of this ring, you really can't beat it!  

Tungsten is meant to last and out of all metals it will not be easy to scratch up or destroy. So your really be purchasing something that will last you a long time and add glamour and dazzle to your fingers no matter the day or time.

This is such a beautiful band and something that if you are going to give another, this would just make their day even if it's for yourself. :)

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Oh my this ring is gorgeous! The King Will Tungsten Carbide Band with Abalone Shell Inlay is just a beauty that I can not stop marveling over.

The Abalone Shell Inlay just adds to the polished ring. It gives it a beautiful blend of color found in nature. The shine of the polished ring brings a true look of glamour, style, love and just beauty for the person who owns it, and has one.   I can not stop wearing this ring, as t works with everything I wear, fits me perfectly and makes me feel cheerful and happy inside even if the  day is gloomy.

I think if you were to give or receive this ring, you'll feel just as excited and loved by the impression and way it adds to your fingers.  I just can't get over the beauty of the shell and the strong Tungsten Carbide that won't let this ring ever scratch as easy as other metals and will last you a long time.

Oddly, I love all rings, but I don't prefer the gemstones, the crystals or any thing like that, I rather have the smooth, polished band of a Tungsten Carbide. Since, it's easier to wear, doesn't get in the way of working while having it on my finger and the look of it is just gorgeous, especially the King Will brand.

I will be mesmerized and in love with this ring for years to come, excellent product!

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