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King Will 8mm Tungsten Carbide Rings Review

Three beautiful King Will Rings for a wedding, promise, or any occasion. These rings will last forever!

The blue in this King Will Tungsten Carbide Ring is very vibrant, as it peaks through the black  I actually think that this has an excellent detailing, something very smooth and evenly designed throughout the center. In away it reminds me of also weaving, but a bit different. No matter, I love the black and blue as it really makes this ring pop!

My favorite features of the ring:
  • Color - Not the typical silver, but a nice new trendy black ring that will make your finger be noticed! It's color is well polished with black as well as the blue inlay that makes it just mesmerizing to look at. I think at any wedding this would be lovely to be placed upon a hand or even as a promise ring.
  • Fit - Smooth edges and no difficult placing on or off my finger, as it's right to size. Depending on which finger, just get your normal size and it will fit perfectly. 
  • Design Detail - One of the most detailed centers, with perfect even lines and design. I must applaud them for a well constructed ring with all the weaving of blue and black. Sometimes, rings come flawed with uneven lines for detailing, but this King Will Tungsten Carbide Blue Black Ring is perfect!
  • Tungsten Carbide - OK this is a no brainier, but I love a strong ring that can take the punches and not get destroyed. SO, yes this is an excellent Men or Women's ring and won't be ruined with multiple hits or drops. The metal is super strong, it would take a lot to actually scratch up this ring and I know this because I have one that I worn before for weeks and still after all the banging into things, slicing food, washing dishes, cleaning, building and so much more my ring has not gotten ruined in any way.

Finally, This is truly an excellent ring and even as a personal ring to yourself, it's just something you will see daily and never want to remove it from your finger.
Very much, this is a ring that will be worn on my finger most often!

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Simple is my first thought  with the King Will Polished Edge/ Matte Brushed Finish Center Black Tungsten Carbide Ring. It's got a lovely smooth design with matte and polished black through out. It is like almost having a striped ring, but with no other colors except for black. I absolutely love it! This is perfect for men or women and the perfect horizontal lines, when worn or off the finger are perfectly even throughout.

For My Reasons I love the Black Tungsten Carbide Ring by King Will:

  • Size - Always a great thing to have exact sizing and this ring fits perfectly! My ring size is 6-8 depending on which finger I place it on. So when choosing you'll be glad to know that the size is exactly the same as any other ring, not any smaller or larger.
  • Design - Very nicely detailed, even bands or stripes that wrap around this ring. Simple black in matte and polished, which gives this ring character and charm. 
  • Tungsten - Hard to ever damage and a ring that will keep it's beautiful polished look for a long long time!

So honestly, this is like the FOREVER RING. One time purchase and the ring will last you for a long time without damage showing up! I can see this as a perfect ring for either man or woman and one that will keep on the finger in it's polished and beautiful shape no matter the day or time. I feel like every time I look at my finger, this ring just calls out I Love You and makes my hand feel complete!

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Gold Dragon Inlay on this King Will carbide is so awesome! The silver polished edges and the gold dragon detailed design is very eye catching and something that makes you want to look at it all day long. I actually can't get enough of the detailing how right on it is, verse others that could be flawed as you turn the ring around. The Gold really makes the ring pop and adds a little more character being placed on a black background with a polished silver beveled edge design. I enjoy the light reflecting off the Celtic Dragon center as I move my finger indoors or in real natural outdoor light. The edges are polished to also capture the sunlight and indoor light, allowing for a reason to stop anyone in their track to take a look over at it. 

  • Size - The 8mm width is a perfect size for an adults finger and gives you a nice strong look towards a smaller size ring. It actually reminds me of finger armor. Having this ring makes me feel like I have thing ring of a Queen or if your male it be like owning the King's ring. No wonder the brand fit's this product perfectly! When you slip it on or wear it daily
  • the smooth edges will allow it to slip on easily, even if it's design of the beveled edges make it look tight it really isn't. So, to whom you decide to buy this for, go for their exact size or your exact finger size.
  • Detailed Design - Very nicely detailed with no imperfections. The Gold Celtic Dragon gives this ring a new look to a simple band ring. It's fashionable and works with all styles and designs you may wear that day. The black background allows the Gold to pop out more, while the polished silver edges add a luxurious look to the entire ring.
  • Tungsten Carbide - Hardest to ever ruin or scratch up. Of course it can be scratched because if it wasn't able too, than they wouldn't be able to for rings from it. However, this would take a lot to get it damaged verse many other metals you could buy.

Finally, if you want something to last for a wedding ring, promise ring or a gorgeous gift to yourself or anyone, than definitely this Celtic Dragon Ring is a keeper. Especially, if your in love with the way that dragons mean luck and are meant to be like your protectors, this could be a great gift to those who adore dragons and need to feel protected. However, this is a lovely design for the ring, a product I highly recommended!

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