Friday, April 10

Jamberry Nail Waps Review

It's always a treat to get your nails done at the salon. I know this because I use too do this myself and always relied on the nail salon to get my nails nice and polished up! However, the cost of gas and going often to get them fixed often, as I'm a bit rough with my nails can add up. Sometimes, I just crave to have the ability to do my own nails whenever I want too.  So recently I've been interested in new ideas to style up my nails, as if they were professionally done from the nail salon.  I tried the stickers, doing French manicure in multiple colors, and gems to add some dazzle, but I've never quite found a way to get perfect detailed nails that didn't take long to get done, until now! 

The product I have here is called Jamberry, as they are well known on Facebook and many other places. I myself was always curious about them and never understood how wonderful they were until now!

So once I received the package, I knew right away I wanted to start using them. I couldn't believe after doing each of the steps to apply to my nails, how fashion forward and salon perfect they made my nails look! It's basically like your getting professionally done nails that look as if you went to a salon and had them done by hand or stencil. However, no one would know that they were just nail wraps applied to your finger. Instead, all they'll see is the glamorous design that you have and how they can get that exact look!

I myself am very pleased with Jamberry, as they aren't a the same find in the store cheap sticker choices that you can get anywhere without the choice of color or design. Instead, these are all the favorite designs, colors and detailed styles you can choose and apply easily all by yourself. 
Here are the directions to apply:

I know when I finished applying the Jamberry Nail Wrap designs to my fingers, I just began to smile from ear to ear. I am just so pleased with the style and design and how beautiful my nails look every single day as they are in front of me every time I open a door, pick up a box or just do anything. One big reason I love Jamberry is that they allow you to customize or choose what designs you want in your Jamberry Stylebox or you can even buy separate ones. So you'll always have your favorite designs and styles, since your in charge of the box and can continue to enjoy them as long as you want if you sign up for a monthly box. Just imagine you'll save money, have fabulous nails, and never need to leave the house to get them done. Jamberry is just a fabulous idea and such a beautiful way to personalize your style on your nails! :)

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Finally I want to thank Jamberry, for their awesome products and allowing me to have a chance to review these.

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