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Isolate It!: Sorbothane Soft-blow Mallet for Automotive, Cabinetry, Carpentry and Glass Work

Sometimes you don't need a heavy hammer or mallet to do a few jobs around the house with or outdoors with. I actually am glad to have found the Isolate it! Sorobothane Soft-blow Mallet, which I use for a hobby tool and some construction for household fixing.

However, I really began to look into the idea of using a soft-blow mallet like the Sorbthane to cause less damage to the parts I'm working with such as in jewelry making and give me the same benefit as a real heavy duty hammer. I can now make beautiful shaped and positioned jewelry without it destroying or breaking the settings around the stone/gem I'm using. This really does come in handy and not only for just jewelry!

I am very pleased with this product and here are a few reason why I love the Isolate It! Sorbothan Soft-blow Mallet:
  • Easy To Handle - Very light weight, and doesn't make it hard to evenly manipulate a certain area that I'm working with.
  • Perfect Hand Fit - Not to hard or difficult to get your hand around the handle and you don' t need much pressure to perfect what ever your working with or on.
  • Size - Sold in small, medium and large sizes. So you have an option and it will depend on the job your doing, well for me that is what I based my choice on when choosing this size mallet. Also the because it works for large and small jobs so something to fit both positions was what I wanted with the medium size.

Therefore, not much else to say, except that this works and is built to last for a long long time. Your not only getting a handy tool, but one of professional quality.

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