Tuesday, April 21

Invoketress Beauty’s Natural Organic Mascara

The Invoketress Beauty’s Natural Organic Mascara is very nice and rich, gives my eyelashes a perfect natural look. I  love that it uses some very natural and nourishing products like Chamomile and Vitamin E, but there are many more! I really don't think I'm much for the cheap and fake chemical products, because they can cause irritation and I hate feeling as if I have some chemical or toxic product on my face. 

Reasons why I love the Invoketress Beauty's Natural Organic Mascara:
  • Brush - nice and long enough to catch many of your lashes at one swipe! It definitely adds hydration and keeps them separate from each other, no clumping either.
  • Sensitivity - no problem with the product irritating my eyes for all day use. This is one product I don't feel scared to keep this product on all day long.
  • Healthy - only healthy ingredients in this container, no odd chemical names. Makes my lashes grow healthy and look better, with every use.

I think for the best results is to try it for yourself, but I have to say I am so glad I did! It not only makes my lashes look better and fuller, but so much healthier and that just makes me smile.

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