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iHuniu - 58 in 1 Screwdriver & Socket Set

First off, the 58 in 1 Screwdriver Set + Socket Set for Machinist Tool is really nice! You get so much sizes and shapes to use. They are all very helpful because some screws aren't always one size and if you ever owned a non magnetic tip screw bit, you'll notice how hard it is to hold on to it when your taking them out or trying to screw them into the location. 

I always hated how near the end I would drop the screw or have difficulty to hold the screw in place, but when I began using this set ( made for professionals) I actually can hold the 
screw on the tip of the screwdriver bit and never have to fear losing it, dropping it or the extra step of holding my hand beneath it because it may fall out of place. The magnetic tip really does
a wonderful job keeping screws in place and easier taking them out of the item or wall.

Actually, I've been working on a project lately and organizing the house. I have been moving things around and getting rid of old shelves off the wall. So when I started to pull out some screws and add a few, the iHuniu made it so much easier and faster for me. 

Here is a few reasons I love this set:
  • Handles - Two nice easy to grip handle, colored like a bumble bee but is so easy to change the screwdriver bits and sockets from one to another. The Handle that holds the bits actually extends longer so you can reach tighter and hard spots that your not close too, which is magnificent!
  •  Magnetic Tips - This makes pulling out a screw and placing one so much easier. My mom use to have two that could do this a large screw driver in the Philips style and Flat head, but they were only one size. So this set includes all tips and some that you don't even know exist like the star tip. Therefore, this set has it all and you would never need to buy a single screwdriver again, once you have all that are included in this set plus sockets! 
  • Sockets and Screwdriver Bits - Your not only getting just screwdriver bits, but sockets too. This is like a perfect set for small to large projects. I really think it's the best professional kit to own no matter if your fixing a toy, electronic device or building a jungle gym for your child.
  • Case - Of course the case keeps it all  organized, but to me it makes the entire set even better. You can travel easily with the case and even store it nicely without it being to bulky or taking up so much space. 

Finally, I really think this is the kit for anyone! My mom use to be in construction and love building or fixing furniture and homes. So her love for tools are not becoming my love for them as well. It really is like a love of art that you get to create and end up having
something homemade and to love for days, months and years to come. This set is just something to get you there because it really is helping me make wonderful changes in my home and projects I'm working on!

Excellent Set!

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