Friday, April 24

Hughapy Brown Cute Sleeping Cat Shaped Bedroom Area Rug,Tabby Cat carpet

I love my new Tabby Cat Carpet and that it reminds me of a book I use to read when I was young, about a cat name Tabby. The Hughapy Brown Cute Cat Carpet is very adorable, and so soft to touch as well as step on. I love the size, which I have is the smaller of the three, but that is perfect for my room.

Reasons I love this adorable Tabby Carpet:
  • Comfortable - I can feel the soft fibers on my toes every time I step on to it. There is no hard or rough pieces and my own cat I find her napping on top it as well.
  • Anti-Slip - The bottom of this rug is made to keep from slipping on hard floors and it does a really great job. I actually tried it on my kitchen floor, once arrived. Than I took it to my carpeted Bedroom and either floor, the rug didn't move or glide once I stepped on top of it.
  • Durable - There is no falling apart here! I didn't notice any piece flying off or breaking off when I was holding it or bending it, just to check.
  • Design - Looks so realistic! They captured the cat perfectly and the shape and color is just stunning.

So my final opinion, I really really love this rug! So cute and so adorable :). 
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