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Home Fashions 3 Piece Storage Jar Set


I am a huge fan of the airtight containers and these Home Fashions 3 Piece Storage Jars are very impressive! I love the 3 Jar set as they add a little flair to my household. Plus, the easy ability to keep food and other products fresh is something I always desire! I think either choice curved, silver and red are all nice no matter the choice, but red was my favorite bold, bright choice and so different.

Reasons why I love the set!
  • Color - I love the red set it has a different look and more appealing in my house. I just know what and where they are as the color is vibrant and bold, but still Stainless Steel!
  • Size - Fits a great deal of pasta from the box and any nuts, seeds, tea bags, and so much more! I can now save space, reduce boxes in my home and just fill these containers up and have fresh cereal or nuts anytime I want.
  • Easy - It opens easily and closes just as easy. No struggle or problems, while keeping the air out and your food fresh down the the last crumb!
  • Durable - Drop it and see nothing will shatter, I am just saying that it won't be easy to break how well built these are, the thickness of the steel lids and glass is fantastic!
  • Multipurpose - Kitchen, Bathroom, Dog Food, Cat Food, and so many other things could be placed in these containers, which you get three 23 oz containers.

I really think the set is just beautiful and it works for me! I can have fresh food, no mold any day of the week.
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