Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello2C Car Tablet Mount and HDMI 2 in 1 Mini and Micro Adapter

Below is two wonderful Hello2C products for your tablets and PCs. They also carry so many more wonderful accessories that can help and benefit your device and make your life alot easier!

This mount is perfect for holding many size tablets from 5 to 11 inches. It really does a great job holding them in place and can adjust to fit the size of your tablet, without causing damage to the device or product itself.

I love the safe feeling I get when using this for my tablet, so I can view the GPS or even a video while in the passengers seat.  The mount itself is secured actually a different way than most. It actually is like having the ability to mount it not only in a car but pretty much indoors or out. it adjusts and allows you to clamp it onto any bar. So you can even play a video and have your children enjoy it in the back of the car, while this clamps on to the seats headrest or even if your in bed it could clamp on to your beds metal frame.  

I really like how it doesn't just fit for the car, but many other places. Also, no need to hold it up, while this securely keeps it supported and safe from falling.

Excellent product, very easy to use!

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Extremely loving this product! Not only do you get two different sizes on one adapter, but it works! You get clear view on your tablet, PC or just about anyplace you need a micro and mini HDMI connector.

The sizes are ones you don't find easy on an HDMI Cable and in this version you save yourself the many cords and storage of many things in your home.

My main reason I love using this product is that I have always wanted one to fit my phone and my camera. I could always use this to view my videos on my phone and camcorders with perfection verse just watching it on my device, plus a great way to share a video with an entire crowd of people verse on a small screen.
I also have so many other ideas to use this product, and I found it to meet my needs!

Not only is it easy to attach, but it works! Great product and loving the quality as well.

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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