Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hair Twisters - Add A New Style To Your Hair

No one can ever doubt that fashion is a personal thing, when it comes to style! I know this because I don't follow the same look as another, I wear those bright colors, I do my hair up totally strange and just attach stripes with polka dots because that's just me.

However, here is a site I stumbled upon that takes hair to a new level of style. The site is called, they provide so many unique styles for hair and even some extra special things for everyone to love. The main product of course is their Hair Twisters. These creations are very stunning and unique, but to me they are just my type of style. The way they work is that they surround some strands of hair and you can place it anywhere. The pieces you get are a choice of the color HairTwisters you want and the matching hair pin that pushes through the hair, in the center to keep it from ever falling out. 

Take about a pencil size amount of hair for the twister.
Start by wrapping with the end that has no dangle,
 than from there continue around till you get to the other end.
Add the pin and keep it in place.
You will not feel any heavy added weight, as these are very light weight and just add glamour and a new look to your hair. As always they have many choices and extra attachment charms that could make your Hair Twister even more outstanding! However, It's true no one will ever have this style yet and maybe you can be the new trendsetter and spread the love for these beautiful Hair Twisters. I know I will be!

Beautiful Results!

Video Demonstration:

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