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GMYLE HD 1080p 8X Monocular Digital Video Camcorder with 2.4" Screen

The GMYLE HD 8X Monocular Digital Camcorder is a pretty neat gadget. After all, it's basically a camcorder with a camera! Something I actually so well desired for a long time. It really is a nifty idea, and makes recording those long shots, from a distance so much easier. However, I've been surprised with many who believe that the idea was good, but don't really work well. Unfortunately, that was for some other brands, not the GMYLE. So I decided to take the challenge and was surprised to see why this was rated highly.

The GMYLE HD Monocular is not like a tiny camera on top of a set of binoculars, which most are. Instead, it's a real HD Camcorder (that cost way more than to buy alone), which is almost like wrapped around the Monocular and giving you the benefit of two products in one gadget. I love that the product includes a 2.4" LCD display screen, which is like a perfect way to view the image your recording or trying to record. Plus, with the two together, I'm shock it's so light weight, and doesn't cause any pain or weakness to a single hand holding it up.  

Here are my favorite parts of the GMYLE HD Monocular Digital Camcorder:
  • Size - The size is as close to a adult size fist. It fits perfectly in the hand and doesn't take much strength to hold it up.
  • Design - Unlike many, the design is almost like a real Camcorder, but with the additional benefit a Monocular would give you. So your not capturing very close images, but magnifying or telescoping all the way from 1x to 8x zoom. The handle that you can tuck your hand into, really is a nice addition. Instead of being to lose or only hold the outer part of the Monocular DV Camcorder, you can make sure to get a better support and grip with the carrying/hand strap that is connected to the device. The lens is very wide and perfect for reaching far and portrait shots, while the device is light weight and able to be balanced on a flat surface. There also is the LCD display screen 2.4 inches and is able to be open or close if not in use.
  • HD Images - The images are excellent, as they come in clear and like movie quality. Just imagine your looking right outside your window or that the action or shot your taking is happening right in front of you. No worries of blurred images, while zooming further out. That is the main reason the mix of a binocular/monocular and camcorder/camera don't work really well, the images come out bad. However, the GMYLE is one device that really has it all together. I mean it is like pure and terrific images during each recording. Plus, compared to my 5MP Camcorder, it's so much clearer to review my recordings for sharing.
  • HDMI Output - That is excellent! No need to download right away, I could just hook my HDMI cord to the device, which is located under a hidden opening in front above the monocular/camcorder lens. It than can be seen on the big screen and I don't need to take the SD card out or download it before. 
  • Hidden Cover for the USB, AV, HDMI and SD - There is a area to place your mini SD card and USB port under the Power cover, almost hidden and very protective for these small ports and insert holes. You will also notice the AV Port is located there as well as the HDMI. These would be where you can transfer the files to a computer or even to just insert the Mini SD Card for saving files too. Also to mention you can record on a 64GB card, which is plenty of room for a few long recordings.
  • 8x Monocular Optics - This amount will get you from below a giant tree to the top, instantly. I can tell you that the other day I was trying to view a nest in a tree with my binoculars. However, that is when it dawned on me that I wish there was an invention to record or snap shots of the image I'm viewing from a far distance. So thankfully this is the first product I've tested because it seems to be raved by many and looks well constructed. So long story short, I gave it a try again and the zoom took me from the ground, which was behind a fence in a different yard and up into that giant bare tree.
  • I could actually get a great recorded image of the birds chirping, and the next that was on the top branches. It is just excellent! There was no blurry vision, looked like clear close up images that a monocular or binocular would give you as you telescope/zoom in or out.
  • Easy to use - There is no difficult to this device, which is great for many who want something easier to use. The buttons are really well explanatory with the images, which really help! I am better a visual learner, so seeing an image on the device that explains the use of each really does help. So on top you have the camera button for photos, Camcorder button for recording, Side has the menu and the review buttons to scroll the the images or selections, and of course the OK button to select. Nothing hard, just like a regular camera/camcorder, but I think a bit easier to understand as many devices don't have images to tell you what each does.
  • Extra Gear - You also have the carrying case included ( no need to buy one) and also all the wires and cord to get you started. All you need is an SD card and your ready to begin recording!

Included Case and Cords for charging and viewing on a PC and TV as well as sharing

Battery included as well!
Change of options and setting
Finally, so really is this an excellent Monocular DV Camcorder?  Yes, I do believe it is and being my first ever, I think I chose a great brand and a perfect product to try! I highly recommend this product to anyone, who would want to take bird watching, sports, or any other outdoor experience to another level!

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