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FOUR-C Heart Shaped Fondant Mold and Silicone Baking Pan & Feather Lacing Mold

I love hearts and they can be very useful in many different occasions, not just Valentines Day. The delicious treats you could make with these two wonderful products by FOUR-C is up to you, with the use of silicone these molds will allow you to freeze and heat them up without a problem. Also, a special bonus Feather Lacing Mold for adding a little elegance to any cake or dessert!

The FOUR-C Silicone Heart Mold is perfect for adding a special something to cupcakes, cakes, cookies and so many other delicious treats. The shapes of these are perfect and you get a variety of sizes on this yellow silicone mold.

Reasons I enjoy using this Heart Mold by FOUR-C:

  • Easy Release - Always a pleasure to have everything pop out perfectly without the fear of it breaking or getting stuck. The silicone is made nice and thick and the shape of the heart is just perfectly symmetrical leaving no breakage and just a simple push out product.
  • Easy To Clean - Silicone can be super easy to clean as it is to bake and freeze in. You could simply wash it down with a little water and soap, no need to scrub super hard. For me, I love to bake, but when it can be easier to clean up than I would bake more often. So using these molds, don't take much time to work with and less time to clean up!
  • Size - You get sizes from super tiny to nice and large. So you have a variety of shapes and even some different in between size shapes to fit on top of any treat.
  • Variety Of Uses - You can actually make delicious froze heart ice cubes, make fondant hearts, make clay hearts, and so much more! They use silicone, which can be used in the oven or freezer and are made to last. There is like endless possibilities with these trays!

Finally, I love using silicone and hearts as they make tasty treats, but because they can show someone how much you love them. I think that FOUR-C Silicone Mold Hearts are just gorgeous and easy to use! I would highly recommend my friends and family members to purchase this product!

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I love the idea of silicone because they can make for some delicious baked and cool treats. The FOUR-C Heart Baking Pan is perfectly shaped as a heart, each the same. There are a total of 8, with 4 on each side. 

Reasons for loving this Silicone Cake Heart Pan -

  • Shape - The shape is something I can use in so many desserts and add a special touch of love to the ones who enjoy it. Not only do hearts work for Valentines Day, but anytime of the year. I can make cupcakes, jello shapes and so much more with this pan to show any special someone I love them.
  • Size - Perfect size for a cupcake, mini treat, personal size brownie and so much more!
  • Easy Release - You can easily pop the desserts out of the silicone and it doesn't leave any nasty taste to your food because it is food graded, meant to be used with food. However you can bake crayons, clay and other products in these as well. Everything, will come out evenly and I had no problem of breakage around the curves and tip of the heart.

Finally, I love something you can use with many art crafts, food recipes and just about anything you want. So I would definitely recommend this FOUR-C Heart Baking Pan to anyone who loves hearts and wants a enjoy cold or hot treats.

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Excellent design for adding a little detailing to your cake or treat. It has a nice detailed fancy feather in many sizes. It is very thin so won't add extreme weight when making these lovely laced sugar pieces. However, it may be a little delicate, but with silicone and being very gentle you will get a great shape out every time!

Features I love:

  • Silicone - easy to remove out of the mold without it breaking or becoming stuck.
  • Detailing - hard to get a perfect design done similar like the rest and this makes sure your going have every piece similar as the last. Plus, it is very elegant and detailed, not a simple design.
  • Clean Up - Easy to clean this and store away, as it is super thin and doesn't leave any sugar or other ingredients left inside the design. I use water and soap and it's perfect!
Finally, this is a very beautiful and such a gorgeous addition to any dessert!

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