Friday, April 17

FOUR-C Fondant Decorating Mould 3d Rose Cake Decorating Supplies Color Pink

You can only wonder how some cakes get those lovely rose designs or how to perfect a pretty flower just upon any dessert. Today I have the answer and not only is it great for desserts but imagine the many other ways you can use these type of molds for! The FOUR-C Fondant 3D Rose Molds are the perfect detailed shape you could use on cakes, cupcakes, and many more desserts and even things like Ice. The shape of the rose is perfect I think from the different petals and how it really does give that look of a perfect rose.

It's not your cheap silicone mold, instead it's a more thicker and sturdier mold that allows you to create beautiful flowers every time. The silicone easily pushes the fondant out of the mold without leaving any broken pieces or any of it sticking. At first, I did fear it would break or I'd not get the perfect flower I thought I would, but I was wrong. The silicone and mold shape really does work hand in hand allowing it to easily come out and stay together, without causing the disastrous breakage which some times happens when using molds.

I really enjoy using this product and hope to continue to try different color roses to add details to my treats.  As I always say to myself, "A treat that is good looking, will always be first to go".

Thank you FOUR-C, I love your Rose Mold!
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