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FL-188AA 110V 80W Glue Gun Corded Cordless Triger Feed Kit with Charging Base by UGT

The Professional Glue Gun by UGT is a very nice size and perfect for the work I need to do! It's not only for those small hobby jobs, but for actual repairing household and different fixtures.
I have actually two small size glue guns, that they both stay plugged in and only can be used exactly like that. However, the problem I have with those is that they don't do the big jobs I need done, and are more for small hobby type crafts and model structure building.

The reason I live the FL-188AA Glue Gun is:

  • Size - the size is as the professional crafter would use, the size of almost a real hand gun.
  • Handle - a nice long handle to grip on and the trigger is very easy to press as it is smooth and wide enough to get your pointer finger around and press down on.
  • Speed of Heating Up - Your able to get to the job quicker, than many mini or other large brands. Once plugged into an outlet the product is already getting heated up and fast! So in about 6 minutes your fully heated up and ready to go. I can use it continually for 10-15 minutes without it cooling down too fast and having to need another charge. Plus, the base is always plugged in and you can sit it upon the stand and let it charge while you prepare the next part, keeping the device charging and ready for you anytime you need it.
  • Tip - The tip of the hot glue gun is of perfect point and slim enough to get directly in the tightest areas you are working in. I can easily apply the glue in the cracks of certain objects with the small and triangular tip head. 
  • Glue Included - You have two pieces included in the package, but of course they are as large as the device and perfect for longer jobs that you don't have to keep refilling it right away after using it for a long time. I can do some simple mold shaping with the amount of glue in this gun.

So with all honesty, I think after I knew my grandmas had this over sized glue gun, just a larger version of my small one. It got my attention and I knew I needed one for my crafting and repairs, but didn't know about which one to go with. However, I have good news, this one by UGT is actually a pretty good brand and I am quite satisfied! My crafting is now a lot easier, the product is made to last and very easy to use. Also, I now can do a lot more things that I couldn't complete with a mini size glue gun and at a faster time.

Finally, if I was to ever buy another glue gun, It would have to be this version by UGT and I would really recommend it to everyone I know who crafts as much as I do!

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