Tuesday, April 7

Dasteck HDMI Adapters

I have below is three wonderful adapters to apply to a traditional HDMI cable that can give you the chance to view your phones, computers and much more on the big screen.
There are three here and they all work for the traditional size HDMI cable. 

The size is perfect for attaching to your regular HDMI sized cable, I'm positive any version would do and than the mini port side will be able to connect your tablet, or computer to a monitor for viewing. What I find is that this saves you so much in buying separate size cables to view different devices on the big screen and the attachment comes off so if you want to use the regular cable as you normally do, you still can!

The size really fits your device and gives you a perfect clear vision of what your trying to watch on the monitor.  I am very pleased with this small adapter that makes having less wires and viewing great recordings on my television so much easier!

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I love that this can fit many and pretty much all type of devices. It works great with my laptop and allows me to view my 3D games or videos on the monitor so easily!
I can see clear video and sound with this cable and in HD. No flaws ever came up, once I began using this adapter with my regular size HDMI cable.

Excellent price and excellent size!

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Makes viewing your favorite videos so much easier and clear enough, as if your watching them from the device you had downloaded it on or streamed from. I always wanted
a way to watch my computer videos I've downloaded to my television and now I can. Plus watching streamed videos or playing games, always looked best on a large screen!

So this is a well made product, does a great job and attaches to your normal HDMI Cable with ease!

Wonderful job!

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Thank You
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