Thursday, April 16

Daily Dazzle Deals -Navy Blue Dress with Paisley Print

I have to say that if your interested into a stylish dress, with the look of the Bohemian style and 1960's fashion combined, than this is something you have to check out!  

The Dress I have here is the Navy Blue Dress with Paisley Print by Daily Dazzle Deals. It is a lovely short dress that doesn't go all the way to your knees, but instead just right above your mid thigh. I love first of all, the color as it reminds me of the ocean and royalty! You than have the beautiful design going all over the dress and throughout the flared arms as well. 

I remember, when I was younger having a top that had those type of flared arms and It always was something I did admire. It just made me feel like a princess or that I had wings, ha ha. However, the dress really comes alive with the fluted style arms and the free flowing bottom of this dress. 

It can be your everyday dress and even your special occasion attire. Therefore, I really love this dress and have nothing in my closet that looks anything like it! Plus, now that spring and summer are here, I've notice the love for the Bohemian style is becoming my favorite trend. 

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