Friday, April 3

Boot Clips, Boot Straps Stirrups - Boottique- The Boot Hanger Company

I really love the Boot Clips by Boottique- The Boot Hanger Company because they bring products that are so useful for our boots and heels. I have to say that these clips really do a great job making the look of my pants neater than just stuffing them in my boot.
I can now not worry that my pant leg or jean leg will come out from movement, which can look terrible in a crowd. However, these are so handy and keep my pants snug while walking and moving all day long!

The way they work is that they go from left to right of your pant leg and under your foot, allowing you to keep the pant/jean leg pulled down and not bunch up and make the boot seem stuffed or like there is a huge bulge in your boot.

I really love this simple product, not only is the color nice, but it's so useful and handy for everyday boot wearing during the winter and fall months. However, If your into wedges as well and they normally shorter boot you probably can use these to make that pant leg stay snug inside during the spring months as well!

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Wonderful product! Highly recommended!

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