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Best Flexible Molds - Kitty Cats, Tiny Embellishments, and Wild Flights

Everyone loves to do some type of art, alone or with a family member. I myself enjoy trying new things and sometimes even the simplest way to do art/craft is just as fun as one that would take a long time to work on. I find that the weekend is my time to shine. Therefore, I am so glad to present to everyone these 3 beautifully detailed molds by a company known as Best Flexible Molds.

The design of these kitty's are so well detailed from the fur to the eyes and the little nose! I love how you can capture the paw print the fur's actual texture and every single detail from this mold. It's not easy to recreate a fast sculpture of a cat, only if you have the time and patients.
However, this nice thick mold block with the 6 different kitty's with 2 other cat related pieces make it so much easier and fun to craft as many clay designs as possible.

I have one part I truly love, which is that these molds come with every little detail to help you perfect and create the best kitty sculpture as you can. Perfect for those who are just new to sculpting and wanted something fun to do with your family. So I really love that they include instructions and details on how to paint and ideas.

Finally, The results are wonderful, when you can have a great way to make cute detailed kitty's for a gift, for your home, for anyone who loves cats! They will really impress everyone and you can even say you did it all by hand, but I have to give the credit to the Best Flexible Molds, as they made sculpting realistic cats so much easier and fast!

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I really love the selection of embellishments and the instructions also help you perfect them with paint and ideas. The entire set is well detailed and made to make sculpting so much fun and easy!

It can't get any easier, I think that the Best Flexible Molds really outdone their selves with the beautiful selection of items you can make from this set. The key, the bird, and all the rest could be great pieces to box your creating or keepsakes for a party or even made into a necklace. I really love this set as you have different choices and the size is perfect
for jewelry and won't weigh you down.

Wonderful set and very fun to create your own detailed embellishment for all occasions or creations your working with.

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The Wild Flights are so beautiful, you have the humming birds and the dragonflies as well as flowers, leaves and acorns. I love all the detailed shapes and designs, none of the molds from size or shape are exactly alike.

There are so many fun pieces on this and the branch included is also beautifully designed like your outdoor tree branch. You can make some fun creations with these molds and they are so fun to paint after the clay is dried. I love to add colors to each bird and make them different than the other. you really can have so much fun adding different colors to each mold. Plus, the fun will never end as they are reusable and made to last, which is something I love since it's just a waste if one thing only lasted one or three times.

Great mold full of dragonflies, birds and so much more! 

Excellent job Best Flexible Molds!
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