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Belle Pink Professional improved Overheat Vibration 30000 RPM Electric Nail Drill Kit

The Belle Pink Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit is a wonderful tool for home or business nail designing. The style of this product is very outstanding! The functions are of a professional salon use, but still functions fine in an individuals home. Many get lost on how to use this product, but It really isn't hard and after a few tries you will understand how to use it correctly.

The pink is my favorite of colors, but they have many more. The way it works is you have everything you need, all you have to do is start using it. The product comes with multiple drill bits, which are shaped to get every angel and the entire nail bed. As you use each piece into the drills handle, your going to make sure to twist to the R side and hear a click. After this the tool is wide open and now you can insert the drill bit. Next turn it to the S side and it's now locked in and ready to be used. That is the one step needed to use this machine properly after this is done you can now work with the machine.

So in all, here is why I find this machine to be of good use and high quality:
  • Professional Drill Kit - It's not your simple 20 dollar kit that you can get at any store, this is high quality, strong and a powerful machine for businesses and still good for at home too. It's made to last, and the bits are of metal for grinding into fake and real nails. The petal which is included is controlled by your foot and you can work it as if your working a sewing machine. If you put your fut all the way down, it's going to give you a fast rotation of the drill bit and the less you press the slower the rotation revolves. I myself go slow and work to a spot I'm ok with, it's good to start off slow.
  • Bits Included - You get 6 pieces already and they are easily stored on the machine, so less needing to find a place to put everything. It also makes it easy for choosing and working with different bits when you need to switch. They each have angles and thickness to work your toes and finger nails. 
  • Professional Look At Home/Business - You can help create fun nails at home, and keep them looking very well polished with this machine! I can do my entire families nails and save them cash or do my own, which I am and save loads than going to a salon. I really have a crave to work with nails and become a nail stylist. It's not only art, but one thing that I just love to do everyday if possible. When I use this machine my nails look like I've gone to a salon and had them done.
  • Speed control - The pedal can be used or you can just use the drill. When controlling the speed you just twist from either high 4000 to 30000 with the front rotating knob. It will allow you to adjust the speed from slow to super fast, giving you the required speed needed to trim, smooth, buff and perfect your nails. Your really getting professional speed and power as your salon uses!

Finally, yes I would recommend this product to anyone who is learning to work with nails, starting a business, or just want to do their own nails at home. It's the professional tool that not only works to give you what a Nail Salon can, but it gives you a long lasting quality product for years to come! Why not avoid the cheap products and go for the professional Nail Drill Kit like the Bellehome Belle brand. I know that ever since using this I replaced my weak powered nail drill set and haven't turned back!

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