Tuesday, April 7

Avber Women's Fashion PU Leather Bat Cross Body Shoulder Handbag

The Avber Women's Fashion Bat Cross Shoulder Handbag is actually very nicely made. The stitches are well intact, the feel is so soft and smooth, and the style is unique and so fashionable to have in your possession. I love that it had two different ways you can hold on to this bag, while shopping or going out. The room inside is nice enough to fit almost your entire counter top, just kidding. However, I am one to bring like almost my entire house with me when I'm out. This bag has enough room to bring any necessary items you need with you.

Zipper on the one side
Opposite side has two pockets
The handle is nice and strong, not to thing or easily able to break. However, unlike most bags that find putting gold on to a beautiful bag makes them even more stunning (not really, too fake), I like that they include silver buckles and rivets. I always feel the silver makes it look classy and even beautiful verse gold, not that most things look bag with gold, it's just for some bags with gold could make an item to look like you got them at some cheap shop.

Finally, I really love the design and the feel of this bag. It was well made and comes with so many ways to hold on to it. 

Great Bag Avber!

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