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Aoson Quad Core Android 4.4 and Windows 8.1 PC Tablets

Below I have two beautiful tablets ready to be used right from the box! So I am super excited to show you exactly what they can do and why they are top notch in my book of Tablet PC selections:

The Aoson Tablet PC 8" is the perfect video, working and gaming size for anyone to handle. What I love is that the use of Windows on this tablet, reminds me of my laptop, but in a portable and more comfortable to hold, while working. 

Here is the reason the Aoson Tablet PC will make your life so much easier and add joy to your daily routine:

  • Size and Design - Your getting an 8 inch tablet that can fit your hands perfectly as it is almost like holding your cell phone, the dual cameras are positioned so you hold it in the portrait position. For myself, this actually makes it easier to hold on to the phone and take awesome selfies, pictures, and recordings when ever you need too. The smooth outer frame of the laptop gives you the a nice grip, but it doesn't cause you to have any accidental slipping issues. As for the speaker, located on the bottom where you'll be able to hear the sound as it plays from video, music or games you may be using on the table. I love the black framing size around the screen and for the outer part is also very leek with black and the grey wording. 
  • Performance - You are not going to be buying a toy in any shape or form! The Aoson Tablet is very well made and performs like your quad core Windows PC or as well as your Smart Phone could handle. It has the speed you need to get from one app to the next and the next, without lag or slow down. I actually have been known to work with multiple applications at the same time and the last thing I'd like is to have a slow PC or Tablet in this case. However, this is not the case with the Aoson tablet!  The speed is excellent I can travel from the internet back to the apps and have a video on pause while writing up or doing research online. Now if that wasn't excellent enough, you get the ability to open tabs and tabs of different sites you may want to view, while working on another site. I am one for doing this as well! I tend to work on one site and than have to research some things, plus my mind travels and I may take a break and socialize while doing all this, which you can do thanks to the Quad Core performance your given on this Windows PC.
  • Clear Sound and Images - There is no blurry vision or strange sounds your going to hear through the speaker and on the screen itself! The 3D images, the movements of a video or game and the sound is perfectly pitched and clear enough to believe your looking outside the window. It has no flaws or lines going through out the screen or any strange sound vibrations or problems with the volume going high and low.I can really enjoy a video, fully without it coming in with different volumes and the images are ahead of the voices, lets say that is one thing that I couldn't stand. 
  • Entertainment System - Yes, it's not just great for working on, but just as excellent for video recording, streaming videos, playing downloaded games and movies as well as music. You can basically use this in so many ways and keep your entire day packed with entertainment.
  • 2 HD Cameras - Your not given 1 HD Camera in the front and a lower one in the front, but your given 2 HD cameras to enjoy. I love the actual images as they are not your typical play around cameras you find on most PC's. The use of these cameras could be for everyday photography and recordings to your video chatting with a friend or family member, even for work! However, you decide to use these, I find them to be most pleasant and at the entire price for this Tablet, it's pretty much a steal!
  • WiFi- Your able to do everything anyplace with WiFi, which is supported on this tablet 
  • Memory - Some tablets don't provide you with much memory to begin using just on the device itself, but this one is packing 16gb's. That would be enough for you to download and save files, videos, music, games and so much more. 
  • Bluetooth - Yes you can connect a mouse, headset and even a speaker through Bluetooth, or anything else. It's easy to turn on and begin enjoying many of your favorite devices on this one tablet
  • Run Time - You also have a good amount of 3 hours to play on this tablet, before the next charge. It's actually a nice amount because most need to be charged with in an hour or two, depending on your usage.

So there you have it! This tablet is easy to use and can be a perfect companion to your everyday life, I know it is for myself! The PC can do things your Windows Computer can, but it allows you the convenience to take it where ever you like, allows you a lighter weight product with excellent sound and visuals and it does everything from help you with writing reports to playing your favorite games.  Therefore, if your like me and have multiple things you do daily on your PC, Smart Phone or another Tablet, than maybe an upgrade to a faster, reliable, and a multi-tasker device like this Aoson Tablet PC could really come in handle. I know for myself, it's been a blessing and has not only help me write up some papers, but it's given me that extra luxury to enjoy streaming and gaming in between my research and work.

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The Aoson Tablet PC Quad Core Tablet is always a winner when it comes to speed and performance. Even if it's a few years later in the future, the performance is still just as good as the day you get it. I can tell you my favorite use of this tablet is being able to open multiple applications and tabs on the internet, which I do so very often and basically every time I turn the Aoson Tablet on!

Reasons I enjoy this Aoson PC Tablet:

  • Image Clarity and Sound - Your getting a great view of the 3D image, of a video or streamed show as if you've been looking through a glass window and they are performing it outside. The visuals come in perfectly, without any strange blurry spots on the screen as well as for the sound, your getting perfect pitches and no mistake where the images are ahead of the voices. The videos and games I've tried on this device has never failed to perform wonderfully!
  • Memory - excellent amount of storage to keep you going from one saved file to the next! You can actually add in a sd card to get more memory and download all the games, files, videos, and music songs as you like.
  • Camera's - There are two dual cameras allowing you to voice chat, video record and take photos of the most interesting things you may come across. Plus, the cameras are in great quality for fun photo and video recording.
  • Speed - Yes I may be known as Sonic the Hedgehog when it comes to getting to place to place on my devices, but honestly a tablet that can withstand your needs to go from one app to the next and to the internet is something that many require.  Unlike most tablets, the ability to use a tablet with Quad Core gives you the best performance and speed you need to keep busy and finish your work or enjoy your entertainment when ever you need too!
  • Google Android - Love that I can instantly get log into my account and enjoy all the google apps easily! Plus access my saved purchased apps from the play store.

Why is this a great tablet, well I can tell you that if your looking for something easy to use, works as fast as you do and gives you the best enjoyment for your leisure time, than the Aoson Tablet PC is the way to go! Not only will you get work done, but you'll get to enjoy
your entertainment faves all day and pretty much as long as you like. I couldn't find any tablet that is so inexpensive, well made and provides me with so much pleasure as this one does!

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