Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ANART White SJ4000 A8 HD 720P Sports Camera With the Small Shockproof Bag

An ANART White SJ4000 HD Sports Camera with all the extras you need to enjoy the camera right away is in this set! I love that you have the protection case, which if you buy alone could cost you so much more and all the extra mounts you get with the bundle is EXCELLENT!
You really have an entire Camera set, well designed constructed for great action shots and inexpensive. It's an awesome deal!

My reasons for loving the ANART White SJ4000 Sports Camera:

  • Design - The shape is exactly perfect for sitting properly on top of any even floor, table, ground and so much more. Since, the camera is a perfect square shape, very small it is easy to set it up upon anything and snap photos or record pictures easily. Now that is without the case, but with the case you have the perfect protective case and the easy to use mounting bottom that will allow you to attach with the other additional parts to mount on your helmet, car, body etc. The lens is a perfect wide angel allowing you to take a great portrait shot, so your getting the most of the scenery around you and capturing your entire stunt on camera. I love the white color as well. It's a different change than a traditional silver or black, but so clean looking. 
  • HD - The High Definition of this camera is excellent! It's perfectly clear photos that look like movie style quality. No blurred areas or funky lines going through, your seeing the entire image like your looking at it right in front of your face. 
  • HDMI Port - Allows you to view it on the big screen or another monitor easily from the camera itself.
  • Quality - Very strong and nicely made, the product is created to last long and not get destroyed fast! The image quality is perfect as well as the sound that you get with every recording.
  • LCD Screen - You can view everything you've taken on the monitor in the back and it's in color. So what your recording or snapping in front of you, your getting the same HD image on the screen of the camera. This is a beautiful thing, when you can really record exactly what is in front of you and it looks exactly like that on the screen.
  • Time Stamp - Like many Sports Cameras, the ANART does include a time stamp and many other menu options in settings. It allows you to record and date/time the day you took the video or recording. So if you download or share it will be able to keep tabs on what day or when the image or video was taken, so memories can stay recorded and dated perfectly!
  • Menu Options - Like I mentioned you do have many choices and that allows for the perfect style shot you want, depending on the action shot or requirements this is very helpful! If you ever had another other camera, they always have options. Since, this is for a sports camera, the options are based on capturing the perfect stunt recording and image depending on the obstacle and scenery. 
  • Extra Gear Included - You have plenty of additional mounts to attach and Velcro to other objects, the charging cord, adhesives and case. It really is a great bundle set, when everything is included for a one low price!

Finally, this is an excellent camera, the only thing you'll need is a memory card to get started, but other than that your getting a high quality, inexpensive sports camera for never ending fun! I truly love it and can't wait to take it on my vacation this summer to capture the entire outdoor events we have planned!

Love It!

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