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ANART SJ4000 Wifi Full HD 1080P Waterproof Helmet Sports Camera 12MP with Medium Shockproof Storge Bag Black

First, I really need to point out that this ANART SJ4000 is a terrific bundle set, which you don't get often with any sports camera, especially cause they include a case to travel and store in. The camera of course is another wonderful thing all by itself. If it didn't have the other accessories, I'd still think it's worth every cent!  Your getting a light weight camera that can take pictures as if your watching them through a glass window or better yet as if your right there while it's taking place. The camera will shoot excellent recordings and it really is replacing my few loved cameras I had a long time even an older camcorder. I really couldn't get shots like these and no where near as good even with the object holding it or myself, being shaky.

Here are my reasons to why I love the ANART SJ4000 WiFi Full HD Waterproof Sports Camera:
  • Image Quality- the camera itself supports a high quality image throughout the recording. No blur or interruptions occur and the picture stays perfectly clear. Even if I have a shaky hand, you couldn't tell. That is the same with the camera being mounted on a moving object you will never notice the camera moving just the image it is taking a picture of.
  • Size - the sports camera is small, when out of it's water proof hard case. You basically have a palm size camera that provides more benefits than most cameras on the market! Plus, for the LCD screen you have a 1.5 inch visual of the recording your taking, which isn't bad of a size for a small and light weight camera.
  • Menu Options - your in charge of the different settings and it allows you to get the best setting for the action shot or video your about to perform or watch. 
  • WiFi -  You can download the app and review the images and recordings on your smart phone.
  • Memory - This is where you can enjoy up to 32GB from a micro SD, allowing you to perform and enjoy doing more stunts or recording more action.  
  • Extra Gear - yes that is right, you get so much more extra gear for a price that isn't over 100 dollars! Your given a case, which most brands don't even give you. Your also given the many different mounts for your helmet, car, and just pretty much any place. The best part is that you can purchase this camera as a gift or for yourself and not need to worry about buying anything because it's pretty much all there! However, you can always buy additional items if needed.
Plus, the main reason is that it's a Sports Camera, so no more worries of water, dirt, or anything getting in the way of your perfect shot/recording. You can go through the dirt, video record in the pool and so much more! I mean compared to any camera, even at the same price, your getting so much more with a Sports Camera and much more with the ANART SJ4000 WiFi Camera

I love their bundle pack that you get with the camera and the camera itself! They did an excellent job and now I'm going to be shooting my own action shots this summer, by the beach and in the woods. Oh it's going to be a blast and even better now that I can go beyond the point of destruction from the elements!

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