Monday, April 27

AGPtEK 50 HOURS Continuous Playback MP3 Music Player multifunctional MP3 with Bluetooth 4.0

The AGPtEK MP3 Player is so much fun to use and own! I love the color as it comes in three like the green ( I have), blue and red. It is small but easy to put in your pocket and blast your music through your ear buds, which can be Bluetooth because this is a 
Bluetooth Music Player!  Something I never had before, is an MP3 Player that can do just that music and be Bluetooth too!  

Reasons I love the AGPtEK MP3 Player:
  • Design and Color- It's easy to work with, has a smooth surface, non slippery and a vibrant color outlining the device. I love that it's got no touch screen, sometimes I'm more for the buttons and that makes it easier to work with.
  • Bluetooth - Connect your Bluetooth headset to this device or speaker for more joy, while playing your downloaded music.
  • Play Time - you can play all your songs for up to 50 hours 
  • Memory - the device comes with 4 GB, but you can buy a micro SD card and go as far as to 64 GB card so you can save so many and I mean many songs you love to listen too!
  • Extras - Your able to watch video display, use the FM radio, use a stopwatch, enjoy reading E-books on the screen as well as so many more things!

I really enjoy using this device, while cleaning in the house and using it with a Bluetooth Stereo or headset. It's so easy to use and so much fun!

Great device and love the design, very different than most I've seen!

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