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ABEST Airbrush Makeup System Kit and Nail Art Stencil Sheets

These two products are perfect together and even apart! If your interested in makeup, tattooing, art, or nails the airbrush by AB, below is something your going to enjoy. It's portable and light weight, plus the addition of the ABEST Nail Art Stencil Sheets allow for an easier decoration to your nails.

The ABEST Airbrush system is just what I needed for a beginner in nail art. The pink, mini  air compressor is very strong and for a beginner it lets out just the right amount of pressure
for the spray gun.

Here are my few favorite features and why I like them:
  • Size - very easy to carry around, take along with me. It is small, but for the pressure it packs a big punch. I can easily add the nail paint and get my fingers done in just a few minutes.
  • Easy To Use - This is a big one for me. I really enjoy that the product comes with easy to understand directions and I can work with it, without struggle!  There is only one button on the gun to open the nozzle part and allow for spraying of the fingers, which you can go as low, medium or high as you like. I had to work with these for a little bit, since I'm new to the use of the product. However, after a few tries, I felt like I can say I'm a pro now!
  • Pressure - The max pressure is 25 PSI ( pounds per square inch or pound-force per square inch) which is perfect for me and if your a beginner this is just great! I actually started off slow withe the pressure, till I found my groove and began going higher and higher.
  • Design - The shape is easy to set down on the ground, table or where ever you may be working at. The button located on the device is actually where you set the pressure coming from the machine, which is easy to turn and adjust as you like. Now for the cord, it's a total 5 inches, so it's perfect by any outlet and doesn't cause too much difficult to wrap up or store, while not in use. the hose is rubber and easy to slip on to the gun without struggle. So I can get my self set up easily, just like a real nail salon. However, I always say this is for nails, but makeup, tattoo art, and just about anything you can use this for. Last, the gun is easy to work with and has a nice body. It is so easy to hold, and has the small cup on top allowing for the makeup, ink, or paint your using to be inserted.

Finally, I use to own one in the past, which really was horrible. The product could only blow out water, and it cost the same price. I was in love with the idea, but after that
I just felt like maybe it was me or maybe I need to be a bit more choosy when it comes to devices. However, this is a mini airbrush compressor and it does a perfect job for a household or even if your doing a bunch of nails! I know it's not super powered for maybe a salon, but if your not running a huge business, but your own in home or use, than this is a smart buy! I'm still enjoying the product, and it just makes me want to do my nails and so many of my friends and families because it works! I just can't stop smiling, it really does work and not only spray water.

So yes, if someone ever needed me to recommend a good product for nails, makeup, tattoo designs and so many other art crafts, I would point them in this direction. Your not only getting an excellent product, but one that is affordable, easy to use and makes airbrushing so much fun!

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The ABEST Airbrush Nail Art Stencils are a perfect pair to the airbrush system. I find the patterns and designs of each to add some excitement to my fingers. The hearts, the flowers and so much more, you get it all with these stencils. They are so easy to apply and so fun to see the final results!

A few reasons for my true enjoyment of the ABEST Nail Stencils are:
  • Easy/Simple To Use - Just place on top of the nail and airbrush right on top. Voila! the results are terrific and you will have salon nails any time of day or night, fast!
  • Shapes and Designs - There are so many to choose from, different size designs and shapes for tips and the entire nail. The patterns are very interesting and fun to work with. I actually find using a different one on each and making my nails totally unique and outstanding!
  • Material - The sheets are reusable and in a clear plastic sheets.
So finally, this is an excellent product, and comes with a great variety of shapes and styles to add some pizzazz to your fingers! Excellent product, very much recommended for fun nail styles and designs.

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