Friday, April 3

12x Canvas Panels 8X10" Made in USA - Ideal for Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Painting

First off, I love to paint and these 12 Canvas Panels by Creative Art Haus are great! I can easily glide my brush across the panel and have the paint soak in perfectly, without lumps. The size is perfect enough to stick in a frame as the amount you get is wonderful for 12 times the creative ideas you want to paint up!

I love that it works well with watercolors as well as oil paint. I still haven't tempted oil painting, but I should try it. However, watercolor does well on these boards and is also another fave of mine. It makes fun character paintings look awesome for gifting or keeping for myself.

Awesome product that is actually USA made and is perfect for beginners and professionals! Excellent price and excellent quality!

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