Saturday, March 28

YGS - 1080P 12MP Full HD Waterproof Action Sports Helmet Camera Cam DV

The YGS 1080P 12MP Full HD Waterproof Action Camera is a small and wonderful recording camera for your outdoor or indoor activities! You really get a perfect shot every time because the YGS Action Camera is meant to capture all movement and not have the image look blurred or hard to tell. It really is like owning a mini video recorder that can go any place you go, especially in water!

The camera itself is covered with a  case allowing you to take great shots in water and as well as protect it from damage. You can remove the case when your ready to transfer the photos and images, that you've recorded to the PC. The HD is perfect for allowing your recorded actions shots become just as good as taking a real life video. I really enjoy sharing HD shots with my family and friends. 

Here is why I love the camera so much:
  • Digital High Definition - gives you that movie theater quality that you love and your recorded photos come out beautifully every time.
  • Easy Menu - your able to set this camera up easily and understand all the choices in the camera.
  • Sport/Action Camera - you can take it in water, on your car, bike riding, snow boarding, and much more! It takes perfect pictures as if your standing still.
  • 12MP - great for a small camera to give you the best images possible!
  • Memory - you can add up to 32GB to the memory card slot, giving you longer and as many videos you'd like to create without stopping.
The camera in total is a beautiful black, it works as it should and just like the many known brands out there. I haven't had any difficulty with it and found to be easy for many to figure out how to use the first day they receive it, while most can be a bit complicated and difficult to understand. 

Great product and could make anyone who is interested into a action camera, very happy!

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