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Wigs from Wholesale Halloween Costumes

The wig I have from Wholesale Halloween Costumes is the Deluxe Courtney Black & Burnt Red Wig Adult. This wig is a beautiful blend of black and red strands of hair with different size lengths layered through out.The fit is perfect, as it goes over the top of your entire head and fully covers from back to front.

I love the shape of the bangs and the length with layers.  It really feels like your own hair and gives you that appearance as well. You can even fool your friends, making them think you dyed your.

You can actually wear this for possibly any spooky costume as a vampire and maybe even as a witch. However, I find that this wig can be perfect anytime of the day! It really doesn't feel like a fake and has that look and feel of real hair. Unlike many costume wigs, this one is well made and won't end up falling out or be a huge tangle like many. 

That is one reason why I love this wig because it's not a cheap piece, that only is great for dressing up and is obvious that it is just a piece of a costume. This Deluxe Courtney Black and Burnt Red Wig Adult Wig is a real high quality wig and just gorgeous for Halloween, costume party, or any day you would like to change your hair up. Plus, the benefit of getting a wig like this is that you can use it multiple times, not just one time or only a few special occasions. 

As always Wholesale Halloween Costumes brings you the best wigs and costumes I have ever received.

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