Monday, March 23

VIVISKY 360 Degree Clamp Mount for Tablets

Actually  this VIVISKY 368 Degree Mount can hold many tablets and phones, also ereaders. The mount is made to grip your device and keep it from falling off or moving around. However, what I love is that it's not super hard, but sort of cushioned that it doesn't add damage to the device. I also love how this mount isn't your typical one position type of mount because it has a goose-neck, which allows you to move it all over high up or even down low. 

the 360 movement makes this so much of a better product than most that don't allow you to adjust your device to the area your placing it. I mean, I sometimes like to stand up  and the device is usually mounted or using the case's stand, which only allows it to be at a certain height. However, using this allows it to come to a easier viewing area and gives me less of a discomfort trying to read what is on the screen.

I really think this is an all over, awesome product! You don't have to use in the car only, it's great outdoors, indoors and pretty much any place your going to need your tablet or other device.

Excellent work VIVISKY!

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