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Vital Air 9" Quad Core GPS Tablet PC Bluetooth FM 1GB RAM 8GB Nand Flash Dual Cameras Android 4.4 KitKat

The Vital Air 9" Quad Core GPS Tablet PC is a terrific investment that you would enjoy for years to come! It's something that you don't buy and need to buy again and again, this is your do everything type of tablet!  Why I say that,  is because when I had first received the product and played with it I found so many things that my computer could do is now all on my tablet. Also, I could say think of this tablet as your TV, PC, and GPS all in one device.

What I find so positive about this device:
  • Crystal Clear Screen - viewing videos, games, map directions, emails and so much more is now easier and movie theater good!
  • Sound - The tablet plays incredible music and sound that you'll feel like your in a theater. It's just a wonderful clear sound that comes through the speakers and the ability to adjust as loud or low as you like.
  • Bluetooth - You now can easily add other devices with the Bluetooth capability on this tablet, many tablets don't have Bluetooth so if your upgrading an old table than you should definitely check this one out!
  • GPS - First off, GPS most tablets don't even have GPS! It's not as common as Bluetooth, but it really is an additional perk for any of us who travel and need directions. 
  • 9" Screen - To have a screen 9", your going to view everything with ease and enjoy all your games, television shows, movies and many more.
  • Google Android - Who doesn't love Google Android, it is so popular and gives you everything you need from Apps, to email, to search engines and so much more. You can pretty much do all your work for school or job, answer emails or send them, and enjoy downloading games from the Google Play Store.
  • Quad Core Processor  - Even though many have this installed, but honestly if your getting a tablet to have one with Quad Core is excellent! It will keep you buzzing through files, internet searches, and work so much faster! You can even open many different apps or search different things on multiple tabs on the internet and not have it slow down.
  • Dual Cameras - these are excellent for video chat, and even snapping photos or recording video.

I think for a product of this quality and this brilliant design, is something anyone could enjoy. Also, it is super easy to use, and any one of any age really could enjoy using it!

I truly love the vital Air 9", it really stomps on any tablet I had before!

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