Wednesday, March 25

USpicy Complete 32 Piece Essential Makeup Brush Set with Travel Pouch

The Complete 32 Piece Essential Makeup Brush Set with Travel Pouch is a complete set that gives you so many size brushes and angles for every angle on and around the face. 
I love that the case is nice and hard, but the right length and width for the brushes to stay separated and not fall out into each other and the top is enough room so that the bristles don't get ruined or bent while wrapping and storing them.

The handles are nice to grip and the weight of the brushes even the largest one are very light as a pencil. I've notice no problem with gliding the brush across my face. There was no sharp pointy bristle or rough scratchy feeling. Instead, each one has a soft and feather like feel.

Finally, I think for traveling they would be perfect because they include so many brushes and how it wraps up, it doesn't take up so much space in your bags or luggage. I like that it is also a simple color black, not too complicated and works for any person as a gift or gift to yourself.
For me, this is probably going to be in my suit case this summer when I go travel down south.

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