Thursday, March 5, 2015

Two Brand New Selfie Sticks by URPOWER

The two sticks below are perfect for your smart phones and can work for the newer versions or a few older ones as well! These are a bit different than your traditional Selife Sticks by URPOWER and other brands as well.

The Selfie Stick by URPOWER is a great tool to keep your photos of you and any others looking great. I really think this newer version is really nice! the extra mirror actually allows you to take a glance of the image your about to shoot. What I love about the mirror verse other selfie sticks is that when you take a photo with the Samsung Galaxy Phone you notice that the camera is different on each side.

Sometimes you want to use the back side camera to get the light to flash as well, when taking the photo. So this new addition is really nice, plus the stick includes the remote on the handle. 
So far, this is a great Selfie Stick by URPOWER and very different from the others, thanks to the great idea of the mirror. You can find so many colors too, not just black and it fits many newer and few older version phones too!

I really love this design and enjoy seeing what new and improve products they come out with.

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I love that this one is actually good for any smart phone and possibly camera because of the Bluetooth pairing is all you need to click the button. I think for the color and design, it's very strong and durable and the color is lovely with the many you can choose. 
I like that the mount is actually flexible and can be angled so your photo can be taken at your comfort or even for those difficult shots, you can work it to fit your shot.

It's perfect for many phones not just new ones and is a great tool for capturing the moment! I really love the newer look of this selfie stick and how well I can take a portrait photo of my family and dogs while out in the woods or by the water fishing.

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