Monday, March 30

The Scarf Hanger: Accessories and Scarf Hanging Organizer Holder for Scarves

These are the Boottique- The Boot Hanger Company Scarf Hanger and they are not your everyday similar hangers that are sold with multiple holes for your scarfs. Instead, it looks more like a real hanger and fits all sizes of scarfs, which I love! I love how perfectly my thick to medium thick scarfs fit on this hanger. Since you get three, it makes it easy to save space in the closet or where every they may be hanging up, without looking bad! I love the shape and the space on each hook, perfect for any size scarf!

It's easy to use and a perfect scarf's companion. No more damage or problems with hanging my scarfs, with the Scarf Hanger by Boottique- The Boot Hanger Company. 

Also, this is the first brand I've seen that looks more like a hanger and not just holes to fit your scarfs into!

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